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2015年5月 外国人投資家が日本株は上がり続けると考える理由

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日経平均は、2万円の大台に乗せましたが、外国人投資家は、上昇の勢いに加え、株価は …



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カメラといえばデジタルカメラが全盛の時代で、通常のコンパクトデジカメもスマートフ …

Walking through the streets of the Gion district in Kyoto, outside some famous tea houses small tourist-paparazzi crowds form as the sun starts to set. If you're lucky, you can get a glimpse of the Geishas (or Geikos, as they're known in Gion) as they arrive for their evening  appointments to entertain their clients. I've never seen such fierce and aggressive tourists before nearly attacking the Geikos to try and get a photo of them. As I joined the crowd in waiting for a chance to see a Geiko, I turned around for a moment and to my surprise saw one quietly and quickly approaching while I raised my camera to capture this shot.


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海外の支店や駐在事務所、工場に駐在する駐在員は非常に恵まれた待遇であることが多い …



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文化の力というのは、製品を海外の市場で売るときには非常に重要です。 私が日本人で …

International Monetary Fund's Managing Director Christine Lagarde poses for a photograph before a television interview on her second day at the International Monetary Fund's Headquarters as Managing Director.  Washington DC.  July 6, 2011. IMF Staff Photographer/Thomas Dooley


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IMFは、日本銀行が計画している物価上昇率2%の達成には、日銀が予定している時間 …